Welcome to Boston SportsDoc Injury Blog

Welcome to my blog – by way of introduction, I’m Christopher Geary, M.D.  I am a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with specialty training in sports medicine and arthroscopy.  I am the Chief of Sports Medicine at Tufts Medical Center and I am an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Tufts University School of Medicine.  I am also a lifelong diehard sports fan with strong Boston allegiances.  I’ll use my blog to give my insight into current sports injuries and their impact on performance and return to play.  I hope you find it useful – feel free to comment or contact me to ask questions about specific injuries or conditions.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Boston SportsDoc Injury Blog

  1. Thanks for the informative education about the injury of TB12.. You presented in a way that us every day schmoes can understand. Not a lot of patient friendly information on the ac joint for not lucky enough to be treated by an ortho God willing to truly educate.

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